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custard_baxter's Journal

Custard Baxter
18 February
1920s, 1970's, agent cooper, alan partridge, amaguri chan, amerie, art nouveau, babes in toyland, bananarama, bbc, being a redhead, beverly hills 90210, bitching, blue steel, blythe, bohinj, boobah the owl, brentwood, cardiacs, celebrity spotting, charlotte hatherley, cherry delight, clearlake, clor, cocoa butter, coffee, courtney love, crisps, css, daisy chainsaw, dark star, devo, disused railways, disused tube stations, dogs, domokun, flinch, gidea park, ginger hair, girls aloud, grog prebble, hamburger union, harold and maude, harry potter, house of love, html, james mcavoy, jeanette winterson, jessica stevenson, josh homme, joy zipper, judy reeves, kath and kim, kim deal, knitting, l7, ladytron, lake of puppies, le tigre, learning to play guitar, les rythmes digitales, levitation, london, luscious jackson, m.i.a., marcus tandy, marijne van der vlugt, mark heap, michael hutchence, mini ipod, moaning, modern life is rubbish, napoleon dynamite, north sea radio orchestra, pamzine, panixphere, paula yates, peep show, pimp my ride, pixies, private eye, ramona quimby, red hair, richard x, ring, rock profile, romford, rosemarys baby, rufus wainwright, salad, sarah waters, sex and the city, sexing the cherry, shameless, shaun of the dead, shirley manson, sidi bou said, slint, south park, spaced, spice girls, spratleys japs, star wars, stars in battledress, stuffy/the fuses, swimming, sylvia plath, tasty cheese family, tatty devine, terry bickers, the amps, the belltower, the breeders, the dandy warhols, the day today, the fiery furnaces, the gasman, the monsoon bassoon, the quimbys, the sea nymphs, the shrubbies, the worst witch, this is spinal tap, throwing muses, tipping the velvet, twin peaks, unskinny bop, urban decay make up, vanilla vodka, whisky, william d. drake, xaviera hollander, yoga, zoolander